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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GanjaFarmer, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Well hello everyone! :)

    First I would like to say thank you for all the post and answers. Its great for a first timer like me to be able to read through all the post or threads and read what people just like me have to ask and reply.

    Secondly I’d like to give everyone a pat on the back. With out the combined “stoned” effort of everyone this great wealth of information is being passed, as it rightfully should be.

    Well getting down to business I am one my first grow. I’m growing some personally selected seed from some fairly decent smoke I have recently acquired. The plants are on there 6th day off vegetative growth. I have a 225-watt floro setup in a 2 ft tall by 16 in deep by 30 in long (2X1.4X2.4ft) box. I know the box is small but I think I can produce a sizeable amount of buds from this setup.

    The total list is:
    50 CFM Exhaust Fan
    3 20 CFM Computer Fans Intake
    3 75 Watt 2ft Florecents’s (225 Watts)
    Tin foil (Dull Side of course for proper reflection)
    2 100W Hid Ballast’s
    1 Metal Halide Conversion Bulb (for Veg Cycle)
    1 High Pressure Sodium (For Flowering Cycle)

    The Seedlings are doing great presently I have them in 4 in pots but I plan to transplant them once into a 6 or 8in pot. I found an interesting tip out of this first grow already!

    If you plant the sprout low in the pot meaning don’t fill the pot full of potting soil but only fill it half. When the plants stretch up to catch proper lighting, fill the other half of the pot up. This promotes strong roots and a good solid foundation for your plants. :)

    Well I guess that everything. Any comments questions would be wonderfull, thanks for all the Help.


  2. Thanks for the soil tip, might try that. Mr mulli is out in the shed building our grow box. I have 3 seedlings to go, but it's not going to be big enough, so I might just choose the stongest. This is my first hydo grow too!

    Keep us up dated, and good luck. :)
  3. at present, you have 60cfm intake and 50cfm out take. I suggest that if you areconcerned about smell in your residence (and I mean the WHOLE residence) then you may want to switch that around so that you have more leaving than coming in, creating a negative pressure, and allowing you not having to smell it 24/7
  4. Hey thanks for all the replies!

    Presently I am using a 50 cfm home bathroom exhaust fan but when the plants begin to start producing scent I plan to switch to a home air filtration unit attached to the box. Well in all honesty I will have a enough money to build my final Grow-Box. Features including mothering chamber, veg chamber, and my flowering chamber. The box will of course have a seperate chamber for my lamp ballasts and my intake and exhaust.

    I guess that answers all questions and comments.

    Oh and I how my tip helps anyone.

  5. wheres the hook up forum
    Welcome to Grasscity...........Have fun,,,,but remember please...this is a "growing forum" not a "selling"or "hooking up" forum......thanx..
  6. ddealer, I am going to do you a favour and warn you that if you do not down with this dealing crap you have a good chance of been band from the site as SJ is totally against it. I would suggest that you try going on the Outlook Express forum it is more your kind of people.

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