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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by whos_gotherb311, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Ive been contemplating growing lately and came upon this.
    Its called a phototron and its basically like a self contained growing facility. Its small, and could probably only support one plant, but it looks pretty efficient.

    There expensive, and you might even be able to make your own for less, but I think it would be great for someone wanting to grow just a little for themselves. Does anyone have these or have prior experience with them?
  2. looks neat, but damn, i would be more interested in if that thing would make my money back. 600bucks??? you could get a mh and an hps and still have some change left over. besides, those floros wouldnt give you the density of an hps.
  3. how do they keep the inside cool? it has its own intake and exhaust?
  4. Well some of them are cheaper, and come down to like 250 on that site, and i found a few on ebay for like 125. In one of the descriptions for one the guy says 'This product led to great harvesting for me and my BUD' or something along those lines, ill try to find it again. And are you sure even though there floros, the mass amount of light there producing on all sides and the entire length of the thing would compensate for them being just floros? On the site they say the lights work great for mimicing natural sunlight and are great for the cultivation of plants.
  5. i doubt it, although plants are different, the growing process is still very similair. And legally speaking, its to grow vegetables and flowers, most likely for decoration, but who with a concious mind wouldnt have the idea to grow pot in that thing. heres the link to one i found on ebay

    scroll to the bottom of the blue background part and look what he says.
  6. well i owned a 'phototron' , oh,,,about 14 years ago.

    its floro so there is no heat problem.

    there needed to be a fan at the top that u could buy but i didnt. this little 'computer cooler' fan would have moved more than enough air.

    hydro medium that i dont remember. maybe rockwool or sumthin.

    there was mylar covering all the plastic parts to the inside.

    all the windows would open and u could provide extra air and sun.

    there was a hanging incandecent bulb socket if u felt u needed more lumes and red's specifically.

    it wasnt mine for too long and the guy wanted it back so i never finished a grow. i remember it was small, like 3 ft and about 1.75 ft wide, circle.

    i do know that if i was to have to design a 'grow box' like some of u do, this is an excelent model to copy.

    i think that this is about as full proof a setup u could get without actually having me come over and grow ur stash. ;)
  7. yeah but what would you do about density? we all know the thing will work and can be improved, perhaps not by design, but by other means to get maximum production. it would be such a waste if everytime all you could produce were airy budz
  8. i have one right now. its not mine either. my friend bought from some dude for like $50. it has three u-bend fluros in there. i think there each 40 watt. it also has an outlet at the top if you want to plug in something. you can also, buy the small glass doors with fans in them.
    the first link is the accessories and the second is the phototron homepage. i dont think its worth the money. unless you get it for cheap. also, i got one big plant in there and one small one. there in to different size pots.
  9. im sure it has 3k lumes so i think u could grow some dense. certainly not HPS or sun dense but lets face it, u are growing sumthing in a box.

    i remember it had the media, food, everything came in the box. u just needed to add a seed and water.

    even the watering was easy. wasnt there a 'center tube' so u could see how much water was in the bottom? or some system

    also i think it came with some 'red spect.' incondesent bulb for the top socket.

    again this was a long time ago and i didnt have it long. i think if u made it a bit bigger and stuck a small HPS at the top and turned that on just for flowering, i think it would be an efficent, all in one growbox that any idiot can do if they follow the directions. i think an expert could improve it slightly and do some neat stuff in it, again if u had to grow in a box. i remember that it looked very nice in a dark room, kinda like a fishtank effect.

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