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Discussion in 'General' started by eatinbyaretic, Aug 19, 2003.


What do you think of my site?

  1. Its Tight

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  3. Its soso

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  4. i donno

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  1. nice site bro, but i wouldnt say u have reptiles, snakes would be more specific.
  2. well i have more geckos then snakes, have 12 geckos, and 12 snakes, but i have 16 leopard gecko eggs in the incubater

    i just concentrated on snake pics cuz there the most exspensive
  3. My truthful opinion is it's ok got the essentials but you could of made it more eye catching.
  4. weedboos how can i do that?? teachhhhhh meeee master!
  5. i thought that cutie rmjl would post here, *cries* i guess im not good enough to recieve attention from her

  6. I have only tried web designing a few times if you need some good help i'll get my m8 to help you on this he is a web designer.
  7. that would be cool, i made it using aols page. I would have liked to done shockwave or something like that
  8. That yellow snake is crazy looking, whered you get that one?
  9. most of the albinos i got from top breeders, like al baldago or bob clark

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