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    Hey everyone this is my new steam roller its beautiful, tripple blown glass and an awesome color i dont see alot of other pieces in. =D she tuggs like a champ. smooth and hard.-- well happy toking everyone:D

  2. nice man! looks like a keeper and i bet she hits hard!
  3. Nice piece, but what's disturbing is the ninja turtle background... :eek:
  4. lol yeah she rips hard. DUDE, WHO DOESN'T LOVE LEO AND DONNY? TMNT FOR LIFE. ahhaa and thanks guys
  5. nice, but " triple blown glass" is just some shit that shitty headshops say to increase the appeal. fyi next time you buy something.
  6. mass. i live in nh ahah but no way dude def quality glass and smoke out of this ive been tuggin constant bowls out of 16 inches. and its gettin me stoned so im good with it.
    ( u can tell how thick it is when you hold it)
  7. ^^ he didn't say it wasn't quality glass. The term "triple blown" is just a made up term to increase the appeal of pipes to people who aren't in the know.
  8. yeah i know what he meant lol =D but yeah if anyone lived in nh ide let you smoke a bowl on it.. gc unite.

  9. road trip!!

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