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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by cabby, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. heres some pics if your interested. 2 sativas lst 5foot tall. and pissing me off. only have like 4 1/2 weeks left if that. is it worth the risk having these around with no flowers yet?




  2. Well... yeah.

    That is a nice bush you got there!

    Ultimately, though, it's up to you whether or not you feel safe having it around.

    Maybe get her some blooming ferts?
  3. got some 10-54-10 and 2-7-7:D
  4. Oh.. well... okay. Hahah.
  5. what the hell is that supposed to mean?
  6. You know like, "you should get this." "I already have that." "Oh, okay, nevermind."

    I'm really high, so maybe it doesn't make much sense.
  7. maybe you could build a plastic box around it to extend the growing would keep it warm could even rig up some way to gently heat it at heating coils?heat pads?

    not to mention increased security
  8. yeah you could get a LOT of bud off that... definitely flower that shit.
  9. I've considered like a 6 gal resevoir with fish tank heaters to warm a small enclosed grow space. Haven't tried it yet though.
  10. Just force the plant to really start flowering now. Get a industrial size garbage bag and covering the plant at 8pm and then uncovering the plant at 8am every day(or whatever).

    Just a question, why would you grow a sativa strain if your growing window is limited, most sativa strains take between 10 to 12 weeks budding time, unless its a cross.

    Next year, get yourself some Indica based strains.
  11. Thats a great looking plant definitely try to see it through to budding! Could you hang some clear plastic sheeting from the eaves, as a cheap alternative to building? You could pull it back for light in the day, and drop it over the plant as a frost/rain protector at night. Ive seen plants going outside into november, dont worry, she'll come through.
  12. hey green, any idea how much the 12-12 cycle will expediate the budding time???...some of us grew bagseed and the lottery hit sativa...i started flowering my final set of clones, sativa, outside beginning of sept, tryin to squeeze one more generation in before snow flies...thanx and cheers gang:D.
  13. you propably wont get it to fully flower within 4 weeks. sorry but you should put it on a 12/12 cycle by bringing it in the dark 12 hours and putting it outside 12 hours. What strain is it btw It looks great:D
  14. The Autumnal equinox is only about 10 days away, so being outdoors now is just about like being on 12/12 anyway.

    No point in moving it.
  15. your screwed, depending on where you live. that will take at least 8 wks to flower into something decent, and even then it probably wouldn't be ripe. if you live in an area of harsh laws i would cut the thing down. I was very very lucky, i had a bagseed grow, and after i selectively thinned them, i ended up with 7 indica like which are in full bloom, and one like yours, johnny come lately, i tanked it.

    but if you are in an area where you will not have frost until december, and the laws aren't harsh, and it is safe, why not?
  16. from what i can see its not in a open area it looks somewhat hidden.

    Let it grow. Youll probly end up with something to smoke :D


  17. wow tons of replies, thanks for your input guys.

    as for me using sativas......i didnt choose them it was some random seeds:confused:
    i do know that they wont get near done but im gonna let them go as long as possible. better than nothing. next year i order seeds like i did last year

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