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  1. so if you check out my sig, you can see that i have a small plant that used to be part of a huge plant before a storm took it out. well now that we are getting into the time of year with alot of rain and unpredictable weather, i have decided to move her inside for the last couple weeks until she is finished. to do this however, i needed a quick fix in the way of a light fixture. in the attic i found an old broken ceiling fan. this one had a 4 pronged light fixture. i simply took it apart, re-wired it, capped off the rewires, hung it up and viola! the cheapest light fixture i think i could ever have! i can use up to 4 standard cfl bulbs. the ones im using now are 2800k 100w equivalent bulbs. could have used some 6500k that i have, but of course red is better for flowering than blue/white. maybe this can inspire someone who needs a starting point to get their grow light setup going for cheap. this isnt a good pic, but my digi cameras batteries are dead cuz i take pics of my other plants so much lol. i can even use the pull cord on the light fixture to click the lights on and off when needed. what do you think? ghetto..yes. effective for one plant? sure a small one! :smoking:

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