Check this awesome bubbler out!

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  1. Hey guys! First post in a couple years.. Anyway, I'm hoping to own this guy soon.

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  2. Nice bub! How much are you trying to get it for? Welcome back!
  3. probably about $50 and a sweet little glass spoon.
  4. [quote name='"Svannim"']probably about $50 and a sweet little glass spoon.[/quote]

    That's kind of a lot man... Try to get it for 35.
  5. The guy said he picked it up for $110 so I'm trying not to completely insult him, you know?
  6. Sicccckkkkk love the color, is the stem diffused?
  7. I'm not sure.
  8. [quote name='"Svannim"']

    The guy said he picked it up for $110 so I'm trying not to completely insult him, you know?[/quote]

    That doesn't look like it was worth $110 :/
  9. i agree with above posters. that looks like it could be from a carryout. price is steep.
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    If you're buying it used.. don't. If you're buying it brand spankin' new, I'd still suggest doing a little window shopping first. You can get something much better for that price, that hasn't taken a knock or three (assuming it's been used, and that's why it's going for 65 when the guy supposedly picked it up for 100+). :)

    Check the GC head shop, or google around... you should definitely compare the prices and quality of what's out there, before you go giving too much for that!

    For instance, the below water pipe (while completely different) is only $85, it's not perfect but it's super thick, 20", has a 4 arm perc, and comes with a diffused downstem and an ash-catcher. Plus a free spoon with the order.
    But it all comes down to personal preference, I know you may like the look of that pipe and that may be enough to make the cost worth it for you. :)

    [ame=]20" Volcano Water Pipe, 1 4-arm perc, comes with a/c & ice pinches ( - YouTube[/ame]

    I just couldn't bring myself to spend $50 on a thin little bubbler, knowing what GC and the other online shops are offering! Just felt compelled to make sure you're aware of what else is out there, and for what price.. you can probably find that very same, or near the same bubbler online for $20 - $25. :p

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