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    CHECK IT. . .
    me against the world is wat it seems, i cant grow no more cuz im trapped in my teen years -
    up in my room
    c da same ol view
    wat can i say, there aint nuthin else 2 do.

    4 years and years my only dream was 2 b a star,
    make it singin make a video featurin a hot rappa like tu pac,
    he gon now but his spirit stil alive,
    he didnt kno me but his songs got me livin his life
    look 2 his eyes
    b4 i go sleep, and u bes believe that da 1st ting i do wen im awake,
    is pray 4 a better day
    while lookin up at my idol, thug life tatooed on his stomak,
    gun down his pants,
    with a join in his left hand,
    O Tupac cn u 2's me
    aint anotha thug like u -
    u legendary,
    and everbody knows it - i aint chattin shit its all real,
    these feelings we feel wen we read the paper thinkin damn, anotha homie killed.

    anotha junkie story on the from page,
    a dude feedin death in2 his veins and there he lay
    thats the last we heard of Roger Ray,
    lets all bow down and pray
    and hope he made it 2 the pearly gates of thugs mansion.
    so wat he took smak,
    he only did it cuz he wanted 2 c the world diffrently,
    he cudda smoked weed like me -
    but no - he decided 2 take a step futher,
    chased the dragon and provided himself a safe shelter,
    an eggshell
    its his way of livin well,
    cuz this worlds 2 fucked up 2 b living in sober.
    u gotta b high if u wanna c the good tings in life,
    its a reality chek -
    fucks up ur brain,
    turns u insane,
    but dont nobody complain,
    cuz the society made menaces - smak and crak feens like ray - dope feens,
    and now da dumbass government and parliment choose 2 put peeps in jail cuz they cant handle em,
    deal wid em,
    so they dash em in a cell -
    4 as long as they wish cuz they all control freaks hu cant control the community,
    they say they wanna live in peace
    but they arrestin every other mother fucker
    on the streets
    despite there fuckin colour cuz they unda the influence,
    aint harmin no1 but that dont stop the dirty pigs jumpin on these lonesum addicts,
    they cant help it if they need heroin
    but it dont seem like the feds giva shit,
    they think they doin well cuz all the cells r cramped up with people like ray
    but wat they dont kno is dat the poor feens livin hell
    ray's seen the crazy nuts in jail & now he's 1 of em
    cant cope cuz he needs anotha hit
    but shit
    hes locked up - wont c the world 4 anotha few years from now so pressures on him now.
    he sees the dealer in the showers,
    bumming opium plant addicts,
    jus shows how much they need anotha line -
    u see -
    being locked up inside dont make peeps like ray realise
    that theres more 2 life than being concerned bout how u gunna raise da cash
    4 anotha line of smak but dis time he dint inhale da heroin -
    the shower bummer injected it in2 him,
    not in his vein but strate in2 his neck -
    "NOW take it 2 da head bitch
    and next time
    i'ma tell u wen im finished doin wat i gotta do 2 u
    u aint gettin shit till im thru witchu -" sed the crazy mother fuckeer hu killed roger.

    Now Rays in the showers shakin,
    not cuz he prang of the dealer - but the heroin,
    he dont realise hes dyin - he's left there on his own,
    now wheres the gud 4 nuttin pigs?
    they truely ARE dirty cuz they aint in the showers tryna save him,
    they all eatin do-nuts
    the fuckin faggots,
    they dont realise they gotta suprise waitin 4 dem in the showers,
    Ray's been in his eggshell 4 hours
    and he'll b in it 4eva cuz now he's ded and the brothers fuckin smacked up
    which makes the feds crak up -
    they think shame - another homie died in da game - how fuckin lame.

    Rays now dead and gone
    but if it wasnt 4 the feds tryna cramp up the prisons Ray wudda been fine,
    livin a life thru a junkies eyes,
    so fuckin wat - aleast he wudda been alive.
    He always wanted 2 b famous
    another rappa talkin bout his childhood traumas - he neva got there in the end
    instead - he made it on the from page of newspapers,
    eople readin bout his junkie life thinkin shoot he cudda dun so much wid himself
    he cudda made it rappin if he wernt locked up in da cell.
    Well thats wat Ray thort 2,
    cuz da day he got sentanced
    4 havin heroin
    in his possesion
    he was in for 5 years - still memba the teas strolin down his cheek
    he was only anotha 10 minits away
    from the drug rehab centre his counciller recommended 2 him that day - and look wat happen,
    instead of stayin clean he remained a feen cuz of the motha fuckin police
    now thats wat u call a tragedy,
    so now try tellin me that the poilce protect society, . . .
    wats that?
    can't hear or c ur lips movin,
    atlest i got thru 2 u
    afta writing a few lyrics or two so now im thru.

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