Check these seedlings please by picture, they very slow and curved.

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  1. Hi,

    Can somebody check these seedlings, because I don't see any growing at the roots. I started the germination on 02/08 so, it was five days ago and they growing very slow, and maybe they stop it!

    I have two other seedling, but they growing much faster and I could to transplant them on 04/08! They were need only two days and they root were 10-12mm long. Everything was similar, same place, same supply...

    The other two seedling had a straight root, but these two have curved root. I don't know what the problem. May I need to transplant into the soil?

    Please help as soon as possible, thanks!

    DSC_0011.JPG DSC_0013.JPG
  2. That paper towel is soaked homie I can tell from the pic it's not damp it's drenched you may have drowned it just a advice soak seeds for 24-48hrs max then put into a paper towel that you've soaked and ring it out it should only be damp fold the seeds inside and take a Ziploc bag and put it inside and blow the bag up with air and seal leave it alone for a day or so and plant you'll have seedling alot faster than just planting plant when the tap root is about 3-4 times the seed long don't wait too long the leafs need light soon

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  3. Doesn't matter...if it roots, plant it.
  4. Easiest way for me, I ph tap water in a Mason jar, throw a few drops of superthive, and put seeds in. Takes 2 days tops and they are ready to plant.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  5. I was plant them, I'm curious they will go to the surface or not. Thank for the advises!
  6. They will come up. I've planted some seeds that we're barely cracked open and some that were never went through the paper towel trick. .. trust me your seeds cracked open they are good. Might just take a few extra days to come up.

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  7. I hope you're right. A few days and we'll see. Unfortunately, when I was put into the soil one of the seed's root become cracked :S About 1mm cracked down, I was plant it. Maybe she will regenerate and survive... I guess, I have no too much hope.
  8. I never use paper towel method.

    100% germination record holder... How?

    Rapid rooters!

    Just soak in ph'd water, place seed in slot, return in 36-48 hours and u have a new baby.

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