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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by GhengisChron, May 17, 2007.

  1. I was studying down by the creek running through the middle of my campus, and i packed a bowl and was about to hit it when i accidently knocked a little nug out onto the ground. i got down to find the little bugger, and i found this! and then i found my nug a second later. i guess somone just tossed some bag seed and it grew. its not even in direct sunlight and it looks like its doing fine. better than the bag seeds i had in direct sunlight but got eaten by bugs.
    i'm thinking about transplanting it, but i'm heading home for the summer in 3 days and where i'm going the weather isn't quite as ideal as it is here.
  2. thats the most amazing thing ive ever seen
    good find! and good luck
  3. looks pretty nice. but if that is someones don't take it. they planted it and did everything for it.

    but if its just randomly growing there, then i would say take it.
  4. i definitly think that that grew on its own who would grow right in that random ass spot wedged between 2 rocks, with no sign of human messing with the soil or nething
    i say take it
  5. yeah it is deffinetely an accident. there are a few blunt wrap wrappers around and a baggy here and there. i should move it before whoever's normal smoking spot it is notices it. it is in no way obvious it is there. i only found it because i was looking for a tiny little nug that fell. plus there are a few other small sprouting plants near by that are about the same size and color, but not weed. its pretty well disguised at the moment.

    what would be the best way to go about transplanting it into a cup temporarily? just dig up the spot of dirt its in?
  6. and once again Nature Prvails!

    and they think they can try and take a plant away from us... hah
  7. if i were to take 200 seeds that could be upwards of maybe 18 yrs old, and tossed them around in a fertile area, what are the chances of anything sprouting? my dads stash hasn't been touched in years.:smoke:

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