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  1. This was a little experiment I started a few months ago, I broke up a little chunk of Golden Teacher mycelium into a tupperware box of woodchips. I didn't soak them for long, and took no precautions regarding sterility. I checked on the box the other day and saw some pins! Now I have two decent shrooms popping out! Harvested one today cus the viel broke, it's my biggest mushroom yet!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I know Psilocybe Cubensis aren't supposed to grow on wood, and obviously it's not the ideal substrate. But it works!
    Anyone else got a shroom grow? Or shrooms popping up in strange places?

  2. What is all that white stuff on the wood chips?? Idk much about cultivating shrooms.
  3. the white shit is the actual mushroom crap. I was watching the hour and 20 minute video going around on here called "growing mushrooms made easy" and when you put spores into a substrate, that white shit is the fungus that takes the substrate over. :)
  4. WHite stuff is mycelium
  5. Damn dude, thats fuckin crazy that you didnt get any other mold or fungus on those wood chips,and the mycelium actually fruited.Cool expieriment +rep
  6. Sweet man. This also works if you put fresh shrooms in a scott's black mulch.
  7. are there any other substrates like woodchips and mulch that you could do this on? and if you got a syringe could you just inoculate them straight onto it?:smoke::smoke:
  8. No you need to innoculate jars of BRF or grain, then spawn that into a bulk substrate like horse manure,straw,coco coir, then that colonizes into a big block of mycelium then this is cased or fruited

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