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    This is one of my 8 babies I have under my CFL setup. She came from a bagseed but smells like chronic and is maybe 9". I've been using a mixture of my own piss as nutes with a 1:10 water ratio. The leaves are a lot skinnier than those on my other plants. Tell me what you think! :smoking:

  2. Don't use piss as nutes... please!
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    x2 and no Miracle Gro either and fill the bowl up to the rim next time or just a tad higher
  4. urine does contain some good chemicals for plants, but you dont know how much of what. your piss is different everytime depending on what you eat/drink and how hydrated you are so its not very accurate. i wouldnt recommend it, but congrats on getting this far.
  5. Urine is a good source of nitrogen but not much else. I've used diluted urine to supplement ferts, when the plants are showing N deficiency, but not as the sole or primary fert.
  6. The soil has enough main nutes to last for a few months. When I'm finally flowering them I'll use bloom nutes; but if you look closely at the leaves, they have been trimmed a lot because of past nitrogen deficiencies that ruined some of the tips.

  7. you sure it wasnt the other way around? leaves that have N deficiency problems usually recover, unless its REAL bad.

    however, if they have too much nute, the burns are much more permanent. and with piss, you never know how strong 1:10 really is...could be pretty mild, or could have a NPK equivalent of like 45-0-1 or something terribly out of whack.

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