check out this plant!!!!

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  1. its a freak of nature that i call "the triforce" or imma call it "Hi-potinuse"
    i spilled milk on it so my bad... it will wash off in todays rain.

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  2. That's cool, I've never seen anything like that.
    Your baby reminds me that I should get goin this season.
  3. did you just plant it in some grass?
  4. naw, i dug out about a 2 foot circle and tumbled the dirt and barely set the seed in the middle, the plant grew but some grass did too, i removed the grass after this pic was taken and i covered the spot with dead green grass so no walker by's can see it.
  5. Sour milk will attract bugs, id try to wash it off if it doesnt rain anytime soon. Interesting soil/grass.
  6. u sure thas milk? :p

    hah i had to
    thats pretty funny tho
  7. sweet thats the method i was going to use-just plant it outside-no tecknical mumbo jumbo- tell me how it works out
  8. thebeatles069 you caught j/k

    im loving the tri-force though, never had a plant sprout 3 leafs like that before.
  9. wheres the picture?
  10. Thats what I'm wondering
  11. Yo, I got something like that in my yard. I think its mutated or something. Weird leaf patterns. Actually there arent patterns? You think I should keep it.
  12. if its weed, keep it. if not i guess keep it to see what the hell it is.
  13. hmmm looks good and keep us updated
  14. Does marijuana generally deform more often than other plants? I have 10 Big Bud seeds, and a few plants are deformed. One of them has perfect symmetrical growth except that one leaf has 6 'fingers' on it rather than 5 or 7 (It's a seedling right now). Another one is perfect symmetrical growth, but 2 of the leaves, opposite each other, only have 3 fingers each and are some of the oldest leaves on the plant. They're big fan leaves. And yet ANOTHER plant has 4 fingers on one leaf, and a little hole in another that is definitely not from a pest or anything, it just grew like that. And then the rest of them are normal. Kind of odd :/
  15. get some pics dude, post em up here
  16. I'll try to get them, and when/if I do, I'll just make a new thread.
  17. That's interesting. one of my sprouts is coming in with the "tri-force"
  18. My friend has a plant that has the leaves alternating on the stem. like one leaf is to the right than a little bit up the stem there is one on the left, and so on all the way up the stem.
    this is from a bag seed btw
  19. i definitely want to see pics as that thing grows, keep em up
  20. I have had plants that are like that (triploid). You'll get more bud sites in the end. And stop spilling milk on it!!

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