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  1. 7 weeks old, first week of 12-12. At the top where it's real bright green there's several other spots just like that.
  2. Here's pics

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  3. That's sexy. Congratulations on beautiful plants. What strain?
  4. Blue Mistic, you have any plants yourself?
  5. That things purty u know the genetics of blue mystic? And the brighter green is normal on new growth and bud sites.
  6. I wish! I'm in the research stage right now. Any good indoor beginner strains you would recommend?
  7. Alright sweet, this is a first time grow so I wasn't sure but wasn't really worried. And it's northern lights x blueberry
  8. She is gorgeous. :smoking:
  9. Sweet man. Good looking out and thanks for the advice. I haven't added any nutes at all bro. As bad as that sounds I have a very very diluted 1/4 mix that I was gonna add the next watering. But I have sort of held back from them and waited til flowering stage because of that reason it does look like its getting a lot of nutes, when its not. What do you think?
  10. The soil I made myself with a combination of peat moss perlite water control miracle gro soil and worm castings
  11. Yea if it has mg in it leave it alone for a bit. Unfortunately mg has time release ferts so it will be hard to Judge when to feed :/. As of now just baby her with ph'd water and so far so good dude! If u plan to continue using soil look into making a good organic mix (or get some Ocean Forest i love it and know many who swear by it) u will be able to achieve much better results in the future :)
  12. See man just the answer I was looking for. Good looking out bro. But yeah I definitely need some of that ocean forest I've read a ton about It. The yellowing is actually going away on the tips. I will put up a picture in a little bit.
  13. Looking good. One piece of advice for the future. Do not use MG with castings. I mean, you CAN... But castings are used because of their added beneficial microorganisms that help build a well rounded soil. When putting them into an environment with synthetic nutrients (ie miracle gro), they will die and provide no benefit. Just a tip to either save money or to build a full organic soil. I've grown in MG before with decent results. Nothing even comes close to comparing to the wonderful results from a full organic grow! Check out the "Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners" thread in the organic growing section. It will help you learn the essentials of building a good soil. If you start now, it could be ready by next grow!
  14. Okay yeah, I appreciate it man. This is a first time grow I have a good strain and did some good research but learning as I go. The yellowing on the new tips went away and it looks great I will put up pictures now.
  15. Here you go, this is her first full week of 12-12 light cycle. It's been 12-12 for 7 days now

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  16. It will just about double in height in the next 2-3 weeks! Should show sex by next week
  17. It's feminized and you can't tell from the pic but she's about 14-15 inches tall. Thanks for the advice man

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