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Check out this pie graph and corresponding PDF:

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Synned, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. It's very pretty, but even with a college degree I'm not sure I understand it. Then again if my degree was in Chemistry or Biology I might do better...alas, my degree is in literature.
  2. That mostly makes sense. I'd just like to see the information to back all of that. I'd believe it though. After all, it is the magical, GOD-like plant :D

  3. Yeah, it was pretty hard to read that pdf, just tried to struggle through it. I really liked the tables it had though, of the cannabinoids and which study proved which effect.

    All of the references are in that pdf, there is a shitton of them. It has legit sources.

  4. And is turning out to be incredibly rare in the marijuana strains we're used to seeing. Labs testing strains have so far been able to go through a couple thousand strains, it turns out CBD is found in around less than 1% of the strains tested.
    The lab I know of will be hosting a CBD strain competition for its growers, which will hopefully generate some good solid CBD producing strains.

    Thanks for the article.
  5. I wouldnt mind a CBD high crop for a pateint of mine who isnt a smoker and dont like the side effects (the high) of the crop, cbds (in thus far of my research into them) make the high less potent but streches it out longer. Thats good for her.

    Hey by the way I dig the graph thatnks for posting. Peace.
  6. What's the grey area on the pie chart?

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