Check out this movie called "The Union"!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by MistaCleen, May 25, 2009.

  1. Sup guys, just thought I would share a link with you to a movie maybe you've never seen before. Check it out, it's all about pot activism.


    Check out the trailer.

  2. what is two stupid things ?
  3. Uh, what?
  4. I can't wait for that documentary to come out.

  5. it's already out :confused:
  6. this movie is widely known here in gc, and it was screened for the first time in 2008
  7. [ame=]The Union[/ame]

    watch and enjoy:smoke:


    I just watched this documentary called The Union, its really good yall should watch it.

    Oh wait, theres been 100 threads about this.
    Oh wait, I'm in one of those threads.
  9. I am half way through this documentary now. This is by the one of the best things I have seen on cannabis. :hello:
  10. Sorry for posting about something ya'll have read about, I searched the forum twice on "the union" and found nothing. that's why i posted it. If i had known that you guys have already heard about it i wouldn't have posted on it.
  11. No harm done, weird it didn't come up though. Seems like once or twice a week someone posts it. Then in every one of those threads we say it needs to be stuck (stickied isn't a word, I'm hoping I am make stuck stick), then we do it all over again next week. :D

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