check out this idiot

Discussion in 'General' started by Yung Bizzy, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Darwin would be proud
  2. Some people will do anything for some attention.

    I just try to dress nice and smile at the ladies.
  3. wow wat a tard.
  4. dude how fuckin stupid is this kid

    and what kinda jackoff is his friend for doin that to him even if it was a bet, if i was one of the kids other friends who got shot, i would beat the shooters ass hard, maybe pop him in the fuckin eye with a paintball gun
  5. what a retard

    why would someone do that?
  6. haha wat a fuckin idiot.
  7. x2 fuckin idiots
  8. Common sense plays no role in that.

  9. seriously

    i would've been like "naw man, you lost the bet, but I can't shoot you in the throat, just get me nice and high and we'll call it even"
  10. At the end he's like "Are you all right?" Of course he's not all right! He just got shot in the throat with a paintball gun you dumbass...

    What kind of ass would shoot his own friend in the throat even if he did lose a bet.

    About as far as I would go would to be to shoot someone in the throat with a watergun filled with some Jose Cuervo. Now that shit would be good for losing a bet.
  11. wow,

    total proof that woods + men = complete loss of common sense

  12. not a bad idea.....
  13. There are some stupid mother fuckers in this world.

    Next time hopefully it's a loaded shotgun, not a paintball gun.
  14. Oh Pete, if we could only be that lucky. What a fucking idiot....who would agree to being shot in the MOUTH with a paintball gun?
  15. hmmmmm...
    thats fucked up.
  16. thats what im talkin about. take em outta the gene pool

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