Check out this GHS Church

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  1. GHS "The Church" - sativa dominant hybrid. About 5 weeks in flower.

    This was grown 100% organically




    The following ingredients have been used to help this plant stay happy:

    -Peat moss
    -Earthworm castings
    -Peruvian seabird guano
    -Dolomitic lime

    -Earth Juice Grow/Bloom/Catalyst/Humic Acid
    -Maxicrop seaweed 0-0-1

    Pest & Disease Control:
    -Slug pellets
    -Neem oil
    -Bacillus thuringiensis
    -Serenade Spray
    -Sulfur fungicide

    And a big thanks to the grasscity community for the ongoing informative dialog. This kind of helpful dialog only makes me want to contribute.

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