Check out these songs I made...:) (guitar inside)

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    Hey everyone.

    I haven't been playing for that long, and I've never really jammed with anyone.

    So today I figured I should play around with garage band and I layed down rhythm tracks first then soloed over them...

    tell me what you think...:hello::wave::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. I like the feel. Very free flowing. I love little jams like that.

    Keep it up, you are sounding great!

  3. Thanks man!!!

    here is the link to some more songs...that other myspace got deleted im gonna update the main post too
  4. ill music C20h me like very much!
  5. pretty damn awesome, really chill.. i bet you had a great time playing this :smoke:
    edit: mind the timing though, otherwise its great
  6. c20 youre pretty damn good. i think your guacamole sand song has a lot of potential man. reminds me of the guitar in the song "anima libera"...pretty sick man! keep it up!

  7. Yeah it was fun lol the only problem was I didn't think about my chord progressions before I started playing on some songs...I've tried harder and the named ones are usually more .... structured? and planned / timed.(sort-a) Thanks though man!
    I appreciate the comment:smoke:

    Thanks a lot dude.
    I don't know that song but I'm gonna check that shit out.

    I certainly will keep it up though!
  8. thats really nice, we should collab on something and throw some keys in that. pm me if your interested

  9. I'm down dude!

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