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  1. Plant is a 2 month old Blackjack plant. I transplanted her into current 12" pot about 3 weeks ago. She is two days behind on watering, so is it possible she sent these roots out looking for water (there was a small amount in the pot cap)?
    How do I get them back in without another transplant, or is that my only option? Can they just stay the way they are as I prepare to go into flowering?
    Any advice much appreciated.

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  2. i would say try to pull the roots out. with doing as little damage as possible and transplant and see what happens. if you leave it like that the roots are going to continue to grow and get more tangled
  3. If I try to surgically remove it, is it better to do it when it is wet or dry?
  4. If they are still alive, leave them and keep them wet, more roots equals more buds. If they are dead, cut them off with a razor. My roots grow out of the bottom of my buckets. I use ebb/flo so there is always a little water left under bucket.
  5. I'm in soil. I thought you could get root rot if you leave them in water?
  6. They look dead, but hey im not there so i dont know
  7. You can get root rot if you leave them in stagnant water. My water gets replaced every 4 hours.

    Yeah they do look dead, what the hell cut them, there's a lot more roots inside the pot.

    Good luck, your plant is healthy if the roots are growing crazy.

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