Check Out My Two New RooRs...

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  1. I ended up going back to the headshop where I just purchased the Z@NG! last Saturday night and picked up both of these babies! The red label is 4.2mm and the black label is 3.2, although the red is a little shorter.

    Fine, I got lazy and only took one picture:bongin: Enjoy.

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  2. Awesome. Although I don't understand why you didn't just get one ROOR and another more different bong or something..
  3. why is that dog wearing a shirt? mine hates it when people do that to him
  4. haha is the only difference in them the thickness of the glass?

    shoulda got a straight and a beaker at least. still jealous though.
  5. Nice bongs, but yeah seems like u got 2 of the same one
  6. hahahhah, he was chilly , and chillin on the sofa watching "air bud"
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    That's my old dog, and that picture was taken on Christmas, so we thought the sweater would fit the occasion.

    Yes, the only difference is thickness.
  8. The headshop only had beaker bottoms for the red and black labels.
  9. You could have have gotten a super heady inline a/c for the price of that second Roor. But you still have 2 more Roors than me. :)
  10. i could be mistaken but i don't think does 4.2mm tubes. black and red are usually either 3.2 or 5.
  11. nice fam of bongs....& those exploder candies are hella fucking good!!
  12. lmfao, i used to keep my stash in an Air Bud movie box.
  13. Man, when money comes around, I'm going to Pimp My Bong with one of those inlines.

    The red label is thicker than the black, but thinner than my Z@NG! (5mm) Sorry, I can't give you much insight on these brands. Maybe a RooR owner would like to reply to that?

    Thanks, it's a shame that I needed money and had to sell my Z.O.B., otherwise I'd have a 4 bong collection and fuck yeah, they're my new favorite sour candy.:yummy:
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    I am. ;)
    i know with US tubes Red usually means 3.2/5mm, and with DE tubes Black usually means 5mm. but i've never seen or heard of a 4.2mm (orange label, usually) tube aside from the Zumo. i'm going to say that both of those tubes are the same size, but throw 'em on a scale or something...let's see!
  15. Cool stuff man. Black = 5mm Red = 3.2mm ;)
  16. so instead if making a decision you bought both roors and a zong lol congrats
  17. nice, but i can't understand why you'd buy two roors with different colored labels at the exact same time?
  18. According to what I've got in front of my eyes, the black one is a bit thinner than the red one.:confused: I don't even want to bother figuring this out, maybe I'll get a second look from a friend.

  19. there it is.
    your tube just got .8mm thicker, congrats:hello:. hahah
  20. That's really strange, and going against what I know about .US ROORs, but if you have them both in front of you it's hard to argue.

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