Check out my tattoo :)

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  1. I got this over the summer.. It's my first tattoo. The pictures were taken right after I got it done, so it has healed since then. I don't have a good digi cam so I haven't taken a picture since I got it done.

    Tell me what you think :)

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  2. pretty cool man. who is it in honor of?
  3. Very artistic and well drawn. I would also like to know who it is in honor of. Grandfather?
  4. Yeah, my grandpa. Took quite a while, and hurt a lot, but I love it.
  5. plus rep for nice ink!
  6. I like that..perfect font
  7. Yeah, I chose that font because my family is irish, and that is a celtic font, so I thought it fit perfectly.
  8. it is a great tattoo like the font too
  9. Black work always looks so legit. Nice work.
  10. ahh nice tat...
    repin michigan too :wave:

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