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  1. First time grow, first post. I wanted something very easy and trouble free so I decided to go with the Aerogarden in a grow box. Odor was a concern so I purchased a carbon filter. I have a 80cfm intake port and a 80 cfm fan on the filter output. My problem is the temperature is out of control. It is 70*F in the room and 100*F in the box. What did I do wrong? How can I fix this? Thanks!

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  2. What kind of lights does it have?? Only cfl??
  3. you need more fan power... you gotta suck air thru that filter fast enough to keep the cab cool.
  4. Agreed I cant see a fan attached to that carbon filter there you need to draw air through the carbon filter for the system to work.
  5. Nice setup you got. I agree you need some airflow. Ive used any thing from a small desk fan to an inline duct fan or a squirrell cage fan, I think their called. Is most of your heat coming from the aero garden lights or the cfls? I put my exhaust fan near the hps so the heat gets sucked out as quickly as possible.
  6. what kind of intake fan did u used im goin to bulid my grow box soon and it about the same size as yours. im not sure what kind of fan a i use for a intake i thinking a small RVK for extraction can anyone help?

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