check out my Rihanna - "Diamonds" (free verse)!

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  1. [ame=]Petey Lee - Diamonds (free verse) - YouTube[/ame]

    feedback much appreciated and returned. have a great rest of week yal!
    peace & respect

    Blood of a slave, heart of a king/
    My mama gave up everything for me to live her dream/
    As a teen with no esteem, serving fiends became routine/
    But now i close my eyes and let that music intervene yeah/
    Back on the scene, and many thought i lost it/
    Cause i was getting cream and filling up my pocket?!/
    If life a box of chocolate, you never kno the content/
    So i ain't with the gossip, i'm all about a profit!
    I got it, my goal is to compose the dopest sonnet/
    For The Lord knows i done woke up broke in more holes than the Hobbit/
    I rose from the flame, my name was chosen by the goblet/
    Bestowed with ultra violet brain waves like a fiber optic/
    I'ma cyber melodic, scribe with a chronic mind of sniper blinded/
    Yet aligned with the speed of the wind and the spin of the earth, when my pen's ignited/
    Like the curse inside of Jekyll and Hyde, every vessel of the devil i fight it/
    Cause i ride for Christ, He's in my life, and by His light i'm guided/
    I'm a giant no Goliath but get stoned like in a riot/
    More defiant than a titan with the trident of Poseidon/
    I'm surviving in a world where kids are shot to die and/
    Drones are flying in the air dropping bombs like Kobe Bryant/
    If you tryna me bring me down, then i'm already above you/
    I stand up for myself cause i had no one to run to/
    i do it for my town and trust in God that He will come thru/
    From 215 to 412 our love will never undo!

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