Check out my rapping I think you will enjoy

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    I finally found my natural rapping voice. What ya'll think?

    [ame=]The Premiere - Kuning - YouTube[/ame]
  2. but i could be wrong? give me feedback guys i basically never rap
  3. wow....anybody? just want feedback. listen to it all and lemme know
  4. i got ya dude hold up lemme listen
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    yes, that's a dope style...u gotta trim some lines tho cuz it makes u sound like you can't handle it in ur lungs...keep working on that tho...your lines, some of it is kinda youngish..idk how old you are but if you want older folks like me to listen to it, gotta make it a lil more clever...either than that 7/10 ...I really think u should keep doing it, you r real good. check this dude out Glyphick Communicatorious's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free he does beats but also raps...reminded me of him. listen to his lyrics , real clever..he's young but I can def. listen to him. good job man :)

    go to 'sets' and then 'tracks with vocals'
  6. your still need to work on your delivery.
  7. anyone else? cmon gcers support just a bit
  8. Work on your delivery some and your all set. Sometimes sounded like you were trying too hard on some of the words. Just go all natural with your voice. Nice song though...keep it up....practice makes perfect!
  9. where did it sound like that? but thx man

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