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  1. this one is called live to die

    Theres nothing here, its lonelyness
    theres nothing to remember or know.
    In a place so dark and lifeless,
    its time to begin from below.
    your morning is here, the mourning is there
    along with lifes pleasures and pain.
    its time to begin your long walk down the road,
    the road which has remained the same.
    you start to pick up on the laughter,
    your eyes give into the tears...
    your heart is aching for mercy,
    your consious is growing so near.
    Oh the fear in your mind, it can melt you
    like the sun on a hot summer day..
    and if the fear in your heart could settle,
    the thoughts in your mind it would say...
    no no you cant do this to me,
    no not in the usual way...
    cant hand me down all this nothing
    for the fear if will make us both pay.
    theres everything here and its bustling,
    so much to forget and to lose..
    now that you have everything here
    its time for your fate you much choose.
    And as night falls in your big city
    theres nobody cleaning up shop.
    everything is so quiet, baby
    the fear has seemed to have stopped.
    your life was so small but endless
    for a bright place so pure but corrupt.
    spread your wings my white angel...
    its time for you to go up.

    this one won me 1000 dollar in a poetry contest

    the day is approaching...
    with it the fiery skys of its past
    the night has become over taken
    with your self submering mind
    and your thoughts to ask.
    the forefathers and their ideas of survival
    quickly turned to the precedence of politics
    and with it came the practice of rivals
    the world is enclosed with the fire of each nation
    burning in their eyes is the plea of their salvation.
    peace and war then war to destruction,
    of a country to settle for less than it was founded..
    ...on instruction
    from the leaders to the commons,
    theres a common they should lead
    and in each roll of the ideas
    comes the wickedness of greed
    from the axis of evil and the evil that asks us
    when will you commit to doing your fair share?
    death and hatred to this world are everything but rare.

    as the past repeats, the future will recommend,
    a way the world once will not begin again.

    this is one more for you guys

    Close your eyes and then your mind
    fell my feelings of my deprive.
    feel the quiet, feel the still
    the air is empty and lonely
    so soundly
    i think so hard,
    too hard for the sake,
    for the sake of my mind
    and the fatigue that it aches.
    so close your eyes
    and shut down your thoughts.
    turn the voice in your head
    to an image instead...
    from this that your reading
    and the feel that youre feeling...
    of my thoughts, as proceeding
    Wondering, confused
    to certainty i choose.
    Picture yourself in a room...
    with everything on earth,
    and everything to think, how does it work?
    why does it work...with the things that it does
    is there a reason for happenings, or effects from a cause
    does everything work from an exclusive chosen clause?

    i have about 100 of these so if anyones interested in more let me know!


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