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Check out my plant :).

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JRLbookMyMonkey, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. gewd shit.
  2. What size aerogarden are you using, ive been looking into getting me one, wanna grow some lowryder white widow

  3. Aerogarden classic 7 pod garden. Got it on ebay for like 75 dollars brand new, and use this 3 part liquid nutrients

    AeroGarden Replacement Nutrients - High Power Liquid Nutrients
  4. sweet! have you grown before, whats you usual yield

  5. This is my first grow in aerogarden.

    According to
    Fast Bud # 1: autoflowering

    That is the exact strain Ive got in there.
    Anywhere from 20-60g

  6. well you need to use those midget plants right? it would be good for a first time grow i think since you dont need to invest in expensive lights and shit. and even if it doesn't turn out to be dank at least its some homegrown. :smoke:
  7. That plant looks real healthy and nice. You got those seeds Delivered with no problems and your in NY? Im looking to buy some auto femmed seeds but dont have the balls to buy seeds online.
  8. ok last question from me, did you buy the extended length light for the top

  9. Yeah. They disguise the seeds in a DVD case. I just got 3 of them. Got them delivered in about 10 days. You can just get a prepaid credit card like I did =).

  10. Nah, but I was looking at it a few days ago. I MIGHT buy it. Only about 80 bucks

  11. I have no plans to smoke it. I only enjoy smoking the really potent shit. This plant is 100% going to make edibles. ;)
  12. So you buy weed instead of growing dank plants :smoke:?


  13. Nah my brother grows in Cali and brings back some really good stuff- I have never bought weed XD. I don't have the time to grow anything dank .
  14. Create Date\t2008:01:13 07:16:31
    3 years, 1 month, 8 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes, 2 seconds ago

    old pic is old?
  15. Wow, very lucky :eek:

    somebody hasn't read anything other then the OP...
  16. well instead of making edibles with all of it which i think is a great idea you should make hash with it which i think is an even better idea! that would solve your not potent enough dilemma and why would you count yourself out for growing dank anyway?

  17. No. It is a pic i took today. The camera just has its time f'd up i guess?

  18. It takes alot of care to grow dank . With aerogarden I just chuck in a seed and check it every 2 weeks.

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