Check out my outdoor beauties! (Loads of pics!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by 2Packed, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. they look awesome man, but 1 question... why arent they plantted in the ground!!!!! they would of been about 2x larger and healthier... u gotta think about the roots man! but other wise GG!:hello:

    planting directly into the ground is key, unles u gotta move em around but roots need room, the more root mass the bigger the plant.

  2. Hey, the answer is, yes, I did have to move them 2 or 3 times and also, the ground here has very, very poor quality soil so I don't think they would grow in it.

    Thanks for the +rep.

  3. Those really are some beauties 2Packed. Man I wish I could grow some plants in my yard. I only get to see mine every week or so.....I miss them, maybe I'll go take a look tonight
  4. if u pulled out a 4'x4'x4' foot hole in the ground ur plants would grow x4 times larger, no matter the soild quallity, all you have to do is lay all the dirt u dug out on a large piece of tarp (but take out maybe 1/4 the amount of dirt), mix in a bag of bought organic soil, then som perlie, peat moss...etc etc mix it all in with the stuff on the tarp, pour it alllll back in...watter it all up so its damp, then let it sit for half an hour, then grab your shovel and stir it back up so its not so packed from the water (but of course in the hole now, not on the tarp ur done with that). Then just put your plant inside the hole, cover it up (dont pack it or press it at all) then to retain extra moisture put a thin layer of peat moss on the top layer...and there u go a ready to grow 10 foot plant hah. I expieramented with this to...put one plant in a 5 gal pot, same strain as the one right next to it in a 4 foot cubed hole and watered them the same (well the one in the ground more cause it was bigger root span) and watched as the one in the hole grew a 4.5 inch thick stock and 15 feet tall.....and the one in the pot 6 feet tall...and the one in the ground was almost as wide as it was tall..... TRUST me it will pay off allooott in the end.
  5. I would love to do that next time although soon I will be moving somewhere where growing will not be possible, this is my second, and last grow :( (For a long time anyway!)
  6. not to late if u have any early in flower or still in vegetative growth....i put one of my 4 feet tall 3 gal bucket ones in the ground a week before it started flowering and it blew up with new growth all over and gave the flowering prossess a LOT larger growth, because it stilll grows allllot when in flowering.....just give it a try, if not oh well youll find out in the future when u next get to grow heh.
  7. I think it will have to be for the future, I can't really go digging up this garden anyway :)

    I'll still get loads of weed so I'm happy :D
  8. Very nice plants!
  9. Thanks,

    I just watered them and they are stinking crazilly now! :D

    Gonna have some fine bud soon :smoking:
  10. Right, the hermie turned out to be a male >.<

    Killed him now though so no worries :)
  11. nice pool, pablo
  12. Nice job man. Looks like you got a really nice climate there, that always helps a lot. Just be carefull because they look pretty noticeable, you might not get in trouble but someone might jack them.
  13. thats going to be some killer bud!:hello::hello:
    That's nice. Very very nice.
  15. Thanks guys, don't worry they arn't noticable ;)

    One of them that was grown from "mystery" seeds now seems to be flowering with PURPLE buds :D

    I'll get some macro photos up later ;)
  16. I don't want you to stop growing, man your plants are sweet. I can smell em from here!
  17. Nice plants, 2Packed...

    2 questions:

    What type/strain are they?
    edit: nm i looked further through the thread
    How much you think each one will yield (about)?

    I'm just askin cuz I've never grown and I don't know exactly how plant size correlates to dry weight. Yours look pretty tall/healthy, though not as dense as some of these guys with 8 foot-wide plants & 30 branches, lol.
  18. man wonderful Ladies...

    you should be a big prould parent man :)
  19. nice plants and nice house
  20. Love the plants and that house.

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