Check out my OG,Bubba kushs. First time grow.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lantho650, May 9, 2011.

  1. Wats happenin with ya, im bout to chop today you guys think theyre ready? Im a first time grower and isnt sure if im too earily. I cut my lemon og, lookin real good.

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  2. cmon any feedback>?
  3. how long has the 12/12 cycle been...grow for about 1-2 weeks longer [by the look at them]
  4. ok im holding out till the leaves starte to turn yellow. Im not sure how many days iv been on 1212.
  5. check the percentage of the hairs turning brown n pull at about 80%
  6. roger that. My bubba look closer to finish then my og.
  7. buy a 30x magnifying glass. Dependant on high/stoned; harvest the plants in parts or in a whole when you see sufficient amber trichomes (usually 50% - I intend to take mine at 25% amber ones).
  8. sounds good.
  9. Did you get to test the Bubba? I'm really curious about the high as I have a bean or two to plant soon.

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