Check out my new Ventilation setup *PICS*

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    So here it is, a little do it yourself jobber. 2 120mm fans fitted in a 10x4 shroud into a 4 inch hole....was hoping to mount a carbon filter if needed. insulation foam and weather strip was used in the assembly of the fan shroud(whisper quiet and sealed perfect) weather stripping around the door way and on door. The intake hole is 2inchs by 10 inchs. Inside temp has been stickin aroun 81-82. I would like to get it cooler. Can anyone with knowledge tell me if my intake is either to big or to small?!?! Anyways i had fun with this and is in the bedroom so computer fans were the perfect choice! i can barely hear them from the bed.

    light proofing will happen as soon as i figure out if my setup is not gonna burn my fans out...again any help with the intake would be awesome. Any questions about assmbly feel free to ask

    The closet is 5'x2'x7' and only has my re-vegging mother in it at the time

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  2. That is not very hidden.
  3. i didnt say anything about being stealth...its a ventilation system, im an adult, i dont have to hide from my parents
  4. No one out there with something useful to say?
  5. sa weeeeet... very nice do it yourselfer... I am actually saving your thread for pictures for people in the future to see.....

    two 90 degree black elbows will black out your light...

    for the intake.. maybe get another square to round vent and then add the elbows or make your own light trap with some cardboard...

    very nice though... don't think people arnt looking
  6. Drop your a/c a few degrees, or get a bigger fan. There's a 170cfm fan at htg supply for like $75 that would accomplish what you need.

  7. yeah... but he already cut his holes.... dammit

    what can i say... he's right:cool:
  8. Nice dude! How many plants do you plan on growing in there? I'm getting a house this spring and plan to grow a few plants at a time. Looks like you could fit maybe 4? :confused:

    Sick setup though dude, nice and easy.
  9. cool setup, nice work I like it
  10. Thanks guys! Ya light proofing is a must gotta go get some more supplies soon! As far as how many plants....I deff will be stepping down from 5gal, posibble some 3gals get maybe 5 or 6 at the most. Soooo excited to get some clones goin.

    Its pretty cut and dry but if anyone needs help with an assembly like this, ill be more then happy to do a guide. Also this cost me like 60 dollars with the door(hollow slab w/ no doorknob hole)

    Critism and ideas are welcome!!!

    Winters on its way so I don't think ill have to worry bout the air/heat exchange till the warm months come back around....then we shall see

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