Check out my new tube

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  1. Just got this from a glass blower in California at 7/10 glass. I guess u could call it a mini tube or a rig. It's about a foot tall 2 Millie's three section color scheme matching flower bowl transition nail an dome for dabbing. Also came with a matching dish and dabber set. Has a hand made 20 hole cage perc.
    Bought this to sell down the road but im strapped for cash lol. (not trying to sell it on here just to be clear) however everyone is too broke to buy a headdy piece.
    I'll try to take some better pics hah

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  2. No oil right now gotta get an extraction tube this weekend
  3. Nice. I like the worked perc. Post a milk when you get a chance.
  4. I took a few milk shots but they were snapchat videos

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