Check Out My New Summer Piece

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    Now that summer is finally here (at least in CA), i have lots of time to do.... well lots of things. Including smoking more. So I purchased this bubbler from my local smoke shop. I picked it up for $20. It's about 4.5" tall, and I haven't hit it yet. I thought it was a great deal and i've always wanted a bubbler, so what do you guys think? I primarily vape, so this will be for an occasion when I feel like a smoke.
    Sorry for the pic quality

  2. Looks good to me. How thick is the glass btw?
  3. looks cool, glass looks thin tho
  4. Got one similar to this, but my glass is nice and thick, color changing, and red and blue stripes. Either way, nice piece my friend. Stay toasty.
  5. Glass is a bit thin at the top, but the chamber and bowl are pretty solid

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