Check out my new song for my mixtape?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DC The Capital, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. hi everyone, my name is DC Capital, im dropping my first mixtape soon and im just waiting until i have enough songs to pick and choose from and pick my top 12. this is the first single off my mixtape to help me get some publicity before i drop the tape in a month or two. tell me what you think Grasscity. Rack City Bitch! :smoke:

    [ame=]DC Capital-Rack City ft DecoyTheKidD (Single) - YouTube[/ame]

    p.s. ALL hate is welcome with open arms.
  2. Not a fan of rap man, but like how it sounds like you're in a big empty shed man.
  3. that was pretty terrible
    justthe.waythe 2 dudes articulate their words, makes me cringe. why couldnt they at least put more emphasis into it.not sound like you took a handfull of sedatives.
    itd be a good club song though i guess.
  4. "Correcting all Perceptions/
    soft MCs stop Neglecting your Professions/
    i go hard, are there any bitches in this club Detecting a Erection?/
    confession, its my dick/
    it fucks the world then spits more shit/
    bitch MCs go slit your wrists/
    i blow your weed and fuck yo bitch/
    i boast indeed and roast your shit/"

    "contest, its what the Game Lacks/
    i hate it yo, the radio just plays the Same Tracks/
    to interfere i volentered to bring your Brains Back/
    i did it just to blow them all ova your PlaceMats/
    my lyrics hit home, my apparent appearance is Flintstone/
    that why i get stoned/
    and always make BamBam even tho i drive a Pinto/"


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