Check Out My Mountain Plants, How They Doing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jayyyb, May 31, 2013.

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    Hello everyone, this is my third thread.
    I am planting up on a mountain, I started 5 plants off on my balcony and transported them up onto the mountain after 4-5 weeks.
    Here is my first post where I scouted locations << Part 1
    I settled on a location, and transplanted to the mountain, unfortunately, when I checked after 4 days, there was evidence of bugs eating my plants << Part 2
    Part 3 >> Now I am posting some pictures of my plants. Although they are a bit eaten up, they continue to grow (I have also fimmed them). I have got some Neem spray which will hopefully take care of the bugs from now on.
    So, what do you think? Even with the bug attack, do you think they will be okay? I estimate that they have been growing for around 7-8 weeks now (from inital sprout). I am pretty sure the holes are caused by bugs rather than a soil or nutrient issue - the holes only presented themselves after being on the mountain a few days.
    The strains are:
    Swiss Cheese (fem)
    The Church (fem)
    KC33 (fem)
    Frisian Dew (fem)
    Chernobyl (?)
    Please bear in mind that I do not know which plants are which strain - they got unavoidably mixed up en-route to the mountain.
    How long before you think they will show sex? Aside from the holes in the leaves, do they look healthy?
    Any other feedback would be much appreciated!
    Cheers :)
    Plant 1

    Plant 2
    Plant 3
    Plant 4
    Plant 5

  2. they're coming along... looks like you have a caterpillar problem bruddah... i'd get that fixed before i worry with anything else.

    but much luck to your success :) and happy medicatin'. 
  3. Thanks friend :)

    So, if you think it's a caterpillar problem, what action do you think I should take? Will the neem spray be enough?

    Thanks again..
  4. Check the underside of your leaves for bugs and egg sacks. The bugs got to the new growth on top of the plant, which will kill it. If the bugs dont get it, then the squirrels and deer may get it. Deer don't give a shit about vegging plants, but when your plant goes into flower, they will smell that shit for miles and follow the scent untill they find it. Some deer have an uncanny talent for leaving fan leaves alone and chewing only the buds off. I speak from experience. Good luck!
  5. looks pretty good. those damn bugs! looks like the first couple plants are ready for some topping,unless you just did 'em.
  6. Cheers guys, I'll check the underside as you said for bug/egg sacks on Monday -I an only get up there during the week.

    ...and yeah, I fimmed from the main central stem - do you recommend doing the same to the other errrr... side stems? (don't know the proper name)

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