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  1. recently, ive been fiddling around with fl studio and occasionally reason 4.. and ive put together some music.

    none of it is structurally amazing, and at times repetitive. but i figured a good way to improve was to know my flaws.

    most of the stuff is a product of 20 or so minutes after i hear a melody or a beat in my head.

    so, check it out :smoke: never been too great with genres, but most of it is just chill shit - free file sharing and storage

    1. htapi
    2. 314
    3. life on other planets
    4. creep
    5. bur
    6. mau5t
    7. ent
    8. transform
    9. megamank
    10. get it
    11. fin

    1. grime
    2. filth

    and funk is just something i threw together
  2. Bio is pretty good
    Grime needs a cymbal (I think) infront of the beat.

    Thats just from a spectator point of view.

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