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  1. this is the first time ive grown my own in like 5 years. ill start by sayin the art has come a long way in such a short time. just wantd to throw up a lil porn nd get some feed back and see how im coming along in the eyes of others. im in a non stealth fridge using flouros up top for veg/clone and 90w led with 2x26w cfl down below for flower. i know the led doesnt live up to the hype but it does in fact work as a viable light source with low heat output. not too concerned about bud density in the first place. bla bla bla heres the is the whole cab the other is a macro of the super silver haze at day 45. no macro of the chemdog its only 2 weeks in and im not down with kiddy porn.

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  2. looks like its coming along nicely with the led. did you veg a while after toping or did it stretch that much? eather way lookin good.
  3. vegged for about a month or so after toping. topped once and the rest was trained. dont know why those 2 colas shot up above the rest.
  4. theres usualy a couple branches that gotta get way up there a head of the rest.
  5. its all looking good dude, more light wouldnt hurt though ! stay safe
  6. i know i could stand for more light in there....originally had a 400w hps sodium in there but the heat was astronomical. after talking with some ppl from hydro stores i figured ide give the led a run. 200 bucks later i realise i shoulda just thrown a 150 in there and rigged up a cool tube. oh well ya live and ya learn. i got what i got now......i was thinkin of replacin the 26w cfls with 105's. not sure if those big cfls require any special sockets or anything so i still gotta look into that.
  7. Looks good, im also growing with 2 90w ufo's and leds, and found you need at least 2 of those ufo's 180w for dense nugs. also big cfl's to fill the spectrum. I think im gettign the hang of the LEDs and starting to get it dialed in for nice nugs, check out my current grow
  8. Looking good! and vaguely familiar :)
  9. The BIG CFL's are the same sockets as regular lights. I would suggest 2 foot T5's.
  10. sung: i would love to throw another 90 in there i think it would be perfect...but the wifey cries when i dump money into it. i suppose the larger cfls will be a happy middle ground for us.

    ghunter: familiar huh? i had to do a double take when i first saw ur fridge. loved ur scrog btw. was totally gonna gank ur scrog idea but i decided for a perpetual harvest instead. i may however steal ur light trap for air transfer between boxes....i used a passive intake and a pc fan up top and its not cutting it for me.

    carnival: thanks for the info. its nice to know i only gotta buy the bulbs to make the upgrade. im pretty handy but im still lazy

  11. This is incorrect. The 105 watt the OP is speaking of does use the standard medium base, but anything above 105 watts by regulation much have a mogul base.
  12. so what ur saying is if i use only the 105's as planned i can leave my set up alone. but if i want any cfl higher i need to change out my bases. anything different about the chord or plug? or that all stay standard? electrical is my weakest of trades. thanks for the help
  13. Great minds think alike!

    You might look into 1 or more audio equipment cooling fans. As it warmed up in the spring I needed more flow so I added a 5" higher velocity fan and have another one ready if I need it. I think I am going to go 100% LED for the next round just for shits and giggles. The first grow I had to add the CFL's simply for the heat during the winter.

    If you decide to scrog you can wire your shelf frame with two sections, then you can just cut one out if you want/need to. I decided on that last minute and am very glad I did!

    Looking great!
  14. wow dude....never have i once thought of making a screen that can be removed in sections. thats god damn brilliant. i oughta mail you some nugs cuz you def just improved my yield friend. little full right now but ive got time to work on that idea. thanks again for that puff of wisdom you blew in my face. loved it

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