Check out my ladies.....*LOTS OF PICS*

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  1. This is my third grow with my 3x3 grow tent with a 250hps bulb. I used FoxFarms OceanForest soil extra nutes or fertz. I had 4 plants in 2.5g pots but harvested 2 of them already. The pic with the white calyx hairs is one I harvested already. You can see how it changed to a reddish color at harvest. The other pictures are of one of the other plants that are still in the grow tent. Looks to me like it will be ready in a about a week. Its wierd because the other plant i harvested didn't have any reddish color and the other one in the tent didn't change two. So out of the 4 only two changed color. I wish i knew that strain but I got the seeds from some "medical" bag seed.


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  2. Those are some healthy-looking ladies. Smoked any yet?
  3. How long did you veg them?
  4. Thats awesome man, nugz look nice can you show us a size comparison on the nugz though? I have a 150 hps and my buds arent looking as big or as dense as yours
  5. thanks and yes its Pretty good stuff. The first two I dried to a day too much so they didn't cure how they were supposed to. So taste is a bit harsh..but I'm hoping to get it right with these next two.
    by the end of the first month i was able to tell they're sex.
    Thanx bro...what size comparison do you want me to show?
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    Here are some better quality pics of the plant im about to harvest. Not quite sure when to cut it. The right top half of the cola still has alot of new buds and white calyxes but the rest of the plant looks ready. So if any one can help me by looking at the pics i'd appreciate it. I think because I didnt turn the plant for a week or so it was only getting light on the same side of the plant and grew new buds. 

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  7. Man them babies look great. Mivin into a new place in March first big purchase is a new grow tent with some LEDs about same size tent you got.. Making me excited. How much did ya get off each plant??Sent from my XT1030 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. That last one you posted looks pretty ready to me. What temps are you running in there?
  9. I only got 30 grams from off the first 2 plants I harvested.  
    My temps were between 75-82. Temps really got low in December to about 50 degrees.
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    Hence the purple buds I guess? Good stuff.

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