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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Duffey, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. This was awhile back, I bought an OZ of some nice nugs, and well, me and a friend smoked 2 to the head of some nice 6 gramer j's, and well, heres one of them, some nice shit, REAL party joints, tired of seeing these skimp ass comment deleted by IndianaToker

    We do not tolerate comments like that here.

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  2. hah, never heard a joint called that before...

    ...not everyone wants to use 6 grams to roll a single joint. looks like it would get pretty hard to smoke it once it burns its way down... shoulda stuck a filter in that thing.. (or is there one??)
  3. I would say that that joint is much too big, but that's just personal preference.
  4. hey! if you got the bud ..smoke it :D

    nice joint buddy.
  5. Nah, the joint is just big enough, i dont roll skimp joints, unless im low, or its some shit you pay 175 a qtr for... If its shwagg or some mids, yo, that shits ALL goin in there. I only use 1.5 grams on blunts, and thats what i smoke every day

  6. youve paid 175 for a quarter!?!?!
    thats absolutely insane, most expensive 1/4 ive ever seen was 110 and well worth it for the shit we get round here
  7. yeah, $175 for a quad seems extremely overpriced

    the most i have paid is $90 for 1/4, and that was for some blueberry #1.... man... that shit was amazing
  8. i dont like those short ass stump joints, if i roll 6 gs in a j, its gonna be long as well as fat, not that bullshit

  9. im half chinese btw, and i took offense to that shit. farmers from south carolina shouldnt be talkin black (ur sig)
  10. Dawg, make fun of south carolina people all you want, im from New York comment deleted by IndianaToker, I'm only here for another few months. Take offence to the chinese all you want, comment deleted by IndianaToker.

    We do not tolerate those types of personal attacks on this site. Here is a copy of the rule:

    While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate insulting posts or personal attacks.

    Go here and read the rules again that you agreed to when you signed up to use this site:

    This is a warning, do not post any type of insult like that again.

  11. Read the forum rules people, you could get banned for insulting other members.
  12. one time at a party i pulled out a joint that was the size of a blunt and this country dude was like "DAMN BO' DAT LOOKS LIKE A GAT DAMN HOG LEG" it was fairly funny
  13. ^^^ haha, I would have to hang out with that dude everyday :D
  14. a blunt is kinda small... I rolled up some cones at a friends, some fat ass cones, and he was like "man, those are called hog legs".. being that I'm not from the south, it was pretty new...
  15. Tell ya what, thats one big fucking waste of weed
  16. anything over 1 gram needs to be blunted not jointed. Joints burn faster, taste and smell nastier, and just overall are lesser in every way when compared to a blunt. Plus that j is f*ing ugly. No offense, just my personal correct opinion =) Welp keep smoking.
  17. lmao duffy... uhh read my reply...?

  18. pretty much agree with this whole post.
  19. thas a waste of weed dude,u could of got just a high taking bong rips with half the amount in that join.but wutever its ur money im not gna tell u wut to do wit it.peace

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