check out my girls and one unknown.

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  1. my first grow that ever had gone this far, without having to end it for some reason. I can't believe I'm actually getting budds forming. They're about three weeks into flowering, and the smaller one- I'm doing a stress training on it. Please be down right judgemental if you want. Give me what you think about them. Thanks.

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  2. Lookin' good! Those baby girls look fantastic! Saying that, got maybe some info for ya...

    From the first pic, dunno if it's the lighting, but it looks as if there could be a possible Nitrogen deficiency. That and it looks like that baby has has plenty of little nute burns on the end of its leaves, what ph are you using? I believe preferred is around 5.8-6.2
  3. Yeah....the nute burns were from PH. I fixed that with the next watering. I set the PH at 6.8. That's what it says to ddo in this guild book I'm following. Seemorebuds....that's the book. The other one that looks Nitrogen's always been that way, even though I watered it the same as the other one. And the other one looks so much fuller and healthier. IdK. I started them all on Tiger Bloom yesterday. Before that I never gave them any food yet and the two bigger girls are 29 days into flowering. Thanks for the feedback, and the recongition.
  4. not bad at all, congrats on ur first grow, minor suggestion, flat white paint is more reflective then foil.
    but keep it up and good luck on ur harvest
  5. Update pics>>>->

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  6. hobbiehorse, your plants look just like mine did when they were ready to harvest. i didn't think I over ferted them, but i had made the mistake of using a soil with nutes in it - that time released MG stuff with the Mother Earth Tea, was a bit too much, I think. Plus I did not pH any of my water as I only used Brita filtered. Next grow coming up I am going with FF and their nutes. I am going right from the cup tp transplant into a 3 gal pot. I vegged with 110 HO Fl and then a 150W HPS for flower. my woman got some decent herb to get her through, but i have to do better next time.

    i have seeds from Hemp Depot, Joey Weed, NL X C99 coming. Can't wait to get going. I did start a bag seed one and got it in the tent yesterday under the FL light. I love this growing.

  7. Thaks for the reply. I'm also growing another bag sead plant that I'm low stress training. She is two weeks behind these two. I'll keep updating. Rock on!

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