Check out my friends room he built.

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  1. This is the new room my friend just built. 7 x 11 sealed. Two 600 watt HPS air cooled, carbon filter, Sentinel ChhC-1 Co2 system (compressed gas), window air unit. The room is totally sealed except for maybe the window air unit sucks some air out (not sure). The CO2 comes on every 10 to 15 minutes from the unit that is in fuzzy logic mode. Does this seems right for a sealed room? The ventilation is completely seperate from the co2 controller but since the room is airconditioned the vent never comes this a problem if the humidity stays in check. I have the vent come on at night on a regular basis to provide fresh air. Going with an all soil grow due to hydro being a tremendous amount of work and a complete mess due to res changes unless you had a drain and water spicket in the room itself which he doesnt. Tell me what you think please. If someone says something negative about the setup please noone come back and bash the person,,,,thats what they think and I respect that. I'm looking for honesty. See anything we could do different or better....speak up!!!!

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  2. Very nice and clean. Where does the exhaust blow into or out of? What kind of yields does he get per light with that CO2 system? Always wondered how much of a benefit they are.

    I like it, although I hope he has a set of window blinds on the other side of that plywood over the window? I couldn't imagine anyone who wouldn't want to hide that lol

    What does he do for air movement? Just that small oscillating fan?
  3. Looks good Real good...
  4. Thaaaaat is a very nice setup.

    Bravo, very clever.
  5. State of the art. Give your friend my props :D
  6. yep looks like an illegal grow closet to me.
  7. That is cool!:smoking:
  8. The exhaust for the carbon scrubber/room comes from a baffled vent in the bottom corner of the room which sucks from the inside of the house. Although it doesnt turn on that often becuase the A/C keeps it cool insode the room. I'm gonna have figure out something else for smell. Maybe a ozone generator. The air for the lights comes from another room through the lights and then into the attic. We brought it in from the interior of the house instead of the attic due not wanting to cool our lights with 120 degree air from the attic. Yes there is a set of blinds behing that plywood. It looks like a regular window with an A/C in it. There are several fans located throughout the room to move air and keep the co2 moving. As far as yield....dont know we just set it up. When you put a co2 system like that in your room you really feel like you have a complete system. Its just cool to sit in there and watch all the systems do there thing. Whenever I'm at his house we just hang out in the room for hours.
  9. looks nice id love to have a room like that
  10. VERY VERY Nice!

    Did your friend watch Mr greens Grow Room Video?

  11. Closet?
  12. looks like he took his time, which will pay off

    the only thing that i see is that he can add more light (plants)

    77 square feet and 1200 watts isnt going to cut it
    either that or build some cheap walls out of cellotex to increase the intensity around the edges

    never underestimate the power that reflective walls has
    you waste alot of light when you arent running sog
  13. what is a good watt to sq ft. when growing inside of a large room? 50 good or what?
  14. Since you don't have an issue with heat unless your a/c gives out. I would suggest you consider using your carbon filter as a scrubber. Leaving the filter where it is and just putting the air back to ther floor of the room while having it on all the time:)
    Then if your a/c breaks you could hook it up to the exhaust port that is hooked up to now.

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