Check Out My Fish Tank!!Bongs Bubblers Oh My

Discussion in 'General' started by masterlights, May 19, 2010.

  1. Just landscaped my 75 gallon.Notice i still put good use to the bubbler.:smoke:
    Couple of broken pieces over the years.Some were mine some were donated to the tank.

    The fish is a 10 yr old red belly piranha and i have a small spotted catfish.Still got to get some plants in there...looks kinda bare.

    BTW the bottle is a empty skullhead vodka bottle filled with blue stones

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  2. Pretty cool. I would get some more cover in there!

    Btw how'd you wash those before you put em in?
  3. Do u live in WA state?

    I know someone who has a tank that looks identical to yours.
  4. I just got the water in the tank perfect..i had problems with low ph and high ammonia so my plants were dying..started doin water changes every 2 weeks and i got the ph up to normal and 0 ammonia so im pretty stoked to add some nice plants for cover.

    the glass i just rinse with hot water.the holey rock i cleaned with bleach and water and the driftwood i just rinse.

    WA... nah im on the other side of the country :smoke:
  5. looks nice man, once I move out i wana get a huge fish tank with huge fishes like in Deuce Bigalow


    Too sickk
  6. that fish is badass! i love saltwater...def more expensive and harder to maintain than freshwater but i would love a bigass saltwater tank one day.

    when the piranaha dies..which should be soon since their lifespan is 9-12yrs i want to get an assorted breed of african cichlids like these..

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