Check out my first Grow~!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jin45, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. High all~

    It's been about 4 weeks and a half since I planted the seeds.

    They are 8 of them total, 4 blueberry, 4 white widow.

    I'm growing them under 4 flourescent lights, 2 cool whites, and 2 warm whites.
    Still operating the light 24 hours.

    I started to feed them last week with 30-10-10 fert, 3-4 times a week.

    How do you guys think of my first grow?
    How do they look?

    I'm a complete beginner, so any advice or suggestion would be really appreciated.

    When do you guys think I should start flowering them?
  2. Looking preaty good to me. :D

    Of course, I won't know for sure untill you send me some blueberry clones. :)

    When you planning on flowering?

    Good luck man. <female karma>

  3. I second that!

    Looking great so far, I'd say. I do agree with otto on what he said, though. :p

  4. Lookin good. I would ease up on the fert.s though. 3-4 times a week is a bit excessive. Are you giving it to them full strength? If so you definitely need to ease off some or you will burn em up.
  5. if that's your first grow then you've been reading a lot.......close lights, fans, allready know the N-P-K must have been busy reading up?

    they look great, like clonemeister said, i'd ease the ferts back to about twice a week.........

    however if your wanting to push it, then you'll really need to keep an eye on your ph, what it currently is, and what your putting in, approx 24 hours after you mix it up.........keep the levels o.k. and do it for say about 2 weeks, and then flush with ph adjusted water, and then repeat............hell you can even increase the dose, as long as it's over a period of time, as soon as you start seeing fert burn, or ph fluctuations etc, just flush..........but that's only if you wanted to push it.........but no real need for that, i'm going less chemicals the better at the mo...........Peace out.........Sid
  6. i would have to say im impressed..... especialy for a first grow... looks amazing/ and like u know what ur doing... keep up the good work.,.. peace out sam
  7. Nice lookin plants man!
    Keep up the good work!
  8. nice plants.... can i have some seeds? :D
  9. Finally a newb that doesnt have 3 plants in the same pot and are all stretching outta control witha halogen. Thank you sir. Your grow is looking great so far. Are you gonna get an HPS?
  10. thanks everyone, for posting replies~!! :D

    I glad to hear that I'm doing fairly good growing them.

    I dilute 1 teaspoon of fert. into a 1 gallon of distilled water.

    Do I still have to ease the fert dosage??

    cuz I think 1 teaspoon of fert + 1 gal. water is pretty weak.

    well, I am not sure about how much I have to give them.

    so, any advice, suggestion would be appreciated :D!!
  11. hmm, I think i'm just gonna go with flourescent lights for now since it's my first grow, iseesmurfs420. thanks for asking^^
  12. um, I don't know how I can get seeds out of those plants.

    I am glad to send you some if you can let me know how, three_x. :D

  13. Well you there are a few ways, but you will want to take all the males to another room or destroy them. The males that you take to another room let flower. Eventually they will produce pollen and it will drip down to the leaves (am I correct on this). From there you want take it and scrape it into a film canister or something like it. Then take a paint brush and layer it onto ONE female (I assume you only want to waste one female) and let it produce seeds. From there the seeds will eventaly mature and then when it finishes flowering they will drop to the ground. There is more on this but I am still learning too :). Anything I am wrong about please make right.

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