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  1. Here are some pics I just took of flower room. 20140910_160715.jpg 20140910_160707.jpg 20140910_160737.jpg 20140910_160733.jpg 20140910_160727.jpg 20140910_160729.jpg
  2. When i flush, i save the runoff.

    Most people dont.

    But i grow organics and i ALWAYS saved fox farm runoff when i used that soil. When my plants got to be monsters, i would feed them a gallon or two of fox farm nutes. I put everything to use though.

    Some say flush it with 3x the pot size, some say 5

    So for a 5 gallon youd put 15 gallons through.

    I personally dont, but thats the internet rumor. I just kinda weirdly KNOW when after many years of bein in the mud.
  3. I usually re use the run off as well . I just dump it in another plant aha. I use the general organics grow box. It's awesome so far. I use the royal gold tupar so I can control what my plants take in. (I guess) haha something like that. But ok I'll go flush them what kinda water should I use just regular pH water ? Or use light light amounts of what I usually feed them?

  4. And after should I spray or water with some b1???
  5. I just pour regular water theough, but i let my tap water sit in a few 5 gallon buckets for days before i use it.
    Not unless youre transplanting or forcing roots. I stopped usin that shit years ago. Hvent needed it for anything but fruit trees in my yard.
  6. I just ran it with pH tap lol I didn't have any water sitting out I used it for watering my flowering room ahaha
  7. Hey man quick question to you and everyone else. What would be better . Preying mantis or lady bugs. In side a open grow where they possibly could Rome the house hahaaha
  8. I did ladybugs in the house once, not a good idea. Good luck.
  9. Yea prolly won't be doing that ahaha. Have all these lady bugs on my clothes and house . But forsure.
    Just put my girls to sleep in flower at 5:30 . Waiting tomorrow to see if this vegetable oil and water trick worked I read about . Supposedly it kills the larva and worms
  10. Let me know how that goes.
  11. Will do .
  12. did you top or fim the pex?
    fox farms suggests flushing with 2x the water normally used.  I use sledgehammer (1 gal) right before I put into flower. plus as needed..  I read that sledgehammer helps the roots as well.
  13. Yes I actually topped and tried to fim all of them. And it mostly worked out with the topping. Only few plants had a successful fim. But I've never knew about flushing b4 flower? Hmmm kinda interesting to read about. Prolly will go check it.
  14. Here are a few pics I took this morning throughout the day

    Golden goat:

    master kush:


    Excuse the toes !!


    Power africa


    Golden goat flower .

    20140911_092752.jpg 20140911_092747.jpg

    Some of my buddies plants from last grow . A hahaha they smell dankkkkk. 20140910_183939.jpg 20140910_183947.jpg
  15. My vegg room with an attempt of super cropping some of the plants.. 20140912_131605.jpg 20140912_131506.jpg 20140912_131601.jpg 20140912_131450.jpg 20140912_131402.jpg 20140912_131400.jpg 20140912_131411.jpg
  16. Stick with whats doing you right! Your plants look super healthy and happy, really nice especially for a first timer, looks like you got the basics down. Keep it uppp   :metal:
  17. Thanks man will do. It's been awesome doin this indoor. Outdoors it'd a lot different I thought .
  18. looks awesome love the veg room
  19. Thanks man
  20. Hey everyone just wanted to update some pics.

    Day 20 into flower.

    I trimmed up 4 plants. The bio diesel , the pineapple express, the master kush, and the god berry

    I wanted to open up more light to all the bud sites so I could have fat colas. Lol I also pruned the bottom of the plant all the small branches . 20140913_144443.jpg 20140913_144449.jpg 20140913_144448.jpg 20140913_144445.jpg 20140913_144451.jpg 20140913_145024.jpg 20140913_145019.jpg 20140913_145021.jpg

    Now some pics of my vegg room.

    20140913_144922.jpg 20140913_144913.jpg 20140913_144840.jpg 20140913_145003.jpg 20140913_145001.jpg 20140913_144958.jpg 20140913_144955.jpg 20140913_144938.jpg 20140913_144936.jpg

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