check out my first cfl grow.(almost week 2 of flowering)

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  1. check these babes out. 10 days into flowering as of today. there are white hairs covering all the plants. the 2 smaller ones are g 13 and the bigger one in back is an unknown sitiva. i have 5 lights on them a of now with 3 60w soft white cfls 1 27w soft white cfl and one 30w daylight cfl. the big plants in back has been topped and is undergoing lst as we speak. ithas been for a week of so. i am using earth juice nutes and they get watered everyother day with 24oz earch at the moment. sorry i couldnt get the zoom figured out so i could show you the small buds starting to form but next time i will

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  2. looks good and i hope my fluoro grow ends up lookin like yours in 8 weeks. If you don't mind me asking:

    what kind of soil did you use?
    Did you use added fertilizer there or MG?
    What about watering schedule through vegitation stage? Did you use spring water or watch Ph levels or just wing it?
  3. well its all organic. soil is fox farms ocean forest mix( best soil i think) and i am using earth juice all organic ferts. i use there grow when i vegged and bloom and grow for flowering. i am slowy leaning it off the grow though. as for water i use normal tap water. i let it sit for a day or so to let all the chlorine evaperate. i dont check my ph. next grow i will when i use a compound fert formula. but since i am only using one grow and one flower fert and they are organic i am not woried about ph. hope this helps a little bit. oh by the way i would stay away from MG. get something natural
  4. thanks for the info. I have a similar grow going (early stages) with fluoro tubes:

    I used an organic soil from lowes. I actually added 1/2" of MiracleGrow above the organic soil when i ran out of the organic and needed to top the pots off. Hopefully that won't hurt my guys. Yours look really good though and keep updating, i'll be watching. good luck!
  5. thanks dude i will tr and post some pics once a week or so.
  6. you should put your cfl's closer to the plants. maybe you just moved them for the pics, but cfl's can be within two inches of your plant. you're gonna have a lot more growth that way.
  7. i usuall try and keep them about 4 because the 60s put of a good amount of heat but i had moved them for the pic as well. thanks for the advice though
  8. yeah, i figured you'd moved them for the picture. there is way too much growth already. if you'd always kept your lights that far away, i doubt your plants would look as good as they do. good luck on your grow!
  9. thanks i woke up this morning and all the tops on the big sitive had there first real sets of buds on them. i was so stoke i cant wait. only 6 more weeks or so. i am getting excited
  10. is that a whole room for the plants or is that in a box?
  11. no its a hot water heater box that i cut and ported. it was the onlything i could find that fit my spects. it s working well and holding up too. i am in the middle of disinging a new wood box for my next grow. i am using the same spects though

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