Check out my closet grow set up.

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  1. i'm a complete noob btw. edit --

    Is it ok u think? the fucking lamp needed a place to sit, ironically the walmart portable closet hanger thing had a hole in the exact spot that i needed it to be lmaoo. I just put the seeds between the towels like 3 hours ago. and went out and bought miracle gro organic. just waiting for them to germinate. i can't seem to find a bulb that will fit a normal socket at 5500k and 50 watts.. where would i be able to find this. and what can i do to sub for those bulbs if i cant find it!?!

    i need some peer to peer critiquing. lmaoo

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  2. Ummmmm, where's the setup? I see a closet that needs a bit of tidying, that's about it.
  3. where the mylar is.. lol
  4. hahaha i like how u labeled "lamp" likwe everyone would have thought it was something else. But in seriousness it looks alright.. carful with that foil, or mylar, whatever that is though.. A lot of people are switching to white backdrops. Get some cheap posters and turn them around backwards with the white facing the plant. The white will allow the light to bounce off and cover the area where as foil and mylar does this but also holds in the heat and turns your little setup up into a mary j easy bake oven.. good luck! :smoke:
  5. Dude just get some rubbermaid containers. They are cheap and a great way to start indoor growing.

  6. why when you have a perfect closet right in front of you it just makes no sense

    clean the closet lay some plastic down and save some money for a real grow light
    or at least go buy some lamps that clamp and some surge protecters you can make cfl light bars out of you'll need a good amount of cfls they need to be atleast 23 or 26 watt so yea your gonna have to hit home depote and buy some shit some y spliters will work well for squezzing in as many cfls as you can you'll need a small fan as well .
    i've grown with cfls so i know what and how many it takes it will get a little clutterd in your closet so keep your clothe else where remove everything paint it white

    desk lamp growing is not the way to go i've done that too but a decent cfl set up can have some very nice results

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