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  1. Got this bong about a month ago from a LHS. It's a little dirty but it has an 8 arm tree perc and a splash guard. The ashcatcher didn't come with it but I bought it all the same day. You can also see my old black leaf bong that this bong replaced after I broke the tree perc.

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  2. it looks to me like its got a 4-arm perc. I dunno if its just a shitty picture.
  3. The tree perc is a 6 arm it's just dirty you can't see. I meant to say it came with an 8 slit diffussed downstem.

  4. In your original post, you said it was an 8 arm lolol :confused:

    I guess it's nice... But china glass just isn't my thing :bongin:

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