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  1. I'm into underground rap, but i've always been more into producers than I have the actual rappers. Don't get me wrong, I love awesome lyricists and rappers, but I'm a musician and a good beat will be stuck in my head for days.

    I've been producing for 2+ years now and I finally got around to putting some of my stuff up.
    5th Column op MySpace Music â€â€œ Gratis gestreamde MP3â€â„¢s, fotoâ€â„¢s en Videoclips

    Any feedback would be appreciated;)

    If you can tell me what song/s I sampled for any track, I'll make a beat for you!

  2. Cool shit man, i'd like to smoke a blunt to these tracks haha. Dendrology is fucking nasty dude, I love the middle part.
  3. i tried, dont know any of the samples you used, but i like what you have up on your page
  4. ill shit man, me and my friend make sum shit as well, ill PM you our pages if you want

    and illl shit too littlefoot
  5. If you were really Dan The Automator I might give it a listen...

    just kidding, nice beats though dude for real, are you gonna try and get any artists to record over them?
  6. I saw your name and was like :eek:
    Good tunes as well
  7. thanks much, if you use ableton i'd be down for a collab :smoking:
  8. Thanks for the kind words blades:D I've got multiple friends who rap, but no one that i'd really want to supply my beats for at the moment. I'm waiting to find someone with the right style to match my stuff. If that happens, we will definitely be pumping out tracks!

    Macpride, go ahead and send me the links man. You can post them in here if you want too, it's all good.

    I've never even heard of the program Ableton to be honest, haha. I use Reason and Garageband for most all of my shit.

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