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Discussion in 'General' started by richardmanhamer, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. There was a hidden pothead talents thread and I just posted this again just to get some reactions. I messed up a couple of times, but it is decent.

    I can beatbox like a muffukka stoned or not. I have been practicing the art of beatboxing for about 3+ years and have won many a talent show for it, I can replicate most drum kit sounds with my mouth, not too great at throat boxing or sound effects, but I got a good standard repertoire of effects and such. Tiny clip is below, let me know what you think. Everyone was sleeping so it is not my full sound, just a clip, ya know.

    Everything is freestyle beats and such, with "if your mother only knew" by rahzel just to showcase that I can pretty much replicate anything any other beatboxer is doing, minus some crazy sounds I have not yet perfected.

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    Let me know your honest opinion and if you want to hear more. Thanks!
  2. omfg that is wicked man your pretty good at that lol one of the best rythems/beats i would say from 38 to 1:05

    good work and please post more tunes :hello:
  3. Sick. +rep.
  4. gotta give the people what they want! check out round 2!!!!!!!!!

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  5. That shit was ill.

    You is.
  6. i must say i havent heard nothing like that since the late 80's,

    you should get a fat-boy's c.d. and listen to some of thier beatboxing,,,,

    or watch the movie,, ''KRUSH GROOVE'' theyre in thier also,,,

    not downing you or nothing,,,, but you did give me a good laugh,,,:p
  7. wow, thanks for all the great comments. beatboxing is naturally funny in the way that it used to be a played out party trick, but now it is finally coming back into the limelight as a serious art form and praised as the fifth element of hip hop.
  8. hahaha thats great man.
  9. i didnt realize it was making a come-back,,,, but something thats old,, does become something thats new,,,,

    well at least your ahead of the curve,,,, and i listened to both tracks,,,,

    i got a laugh because its been so long since i heard any beatboxing,, and it reminded me of the f-boys,,,, and then that movie,,, and them jokers are a trip,,,,

    have you ever heard of the fat boys ?:cool:
  10. oh yeah, buffy from the fat boys was really the pioneer for a lot of the techniques used today by beatboxers. I did a whole hip hop documentary for one of my film classes and I covered all of the influential beatboxers.

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    be cool....see ya,;)
  12. man that shit was ill as fuck.

    you need to record just a drum and bass track. i want to hear more of that, i think thats the most impressive!
  13. Shits hot a major music buff, even produce stuff for fun (hopefully more eventually), but i think you should check out the french beatbox from french idol, search joseph beatboxer on youtube...hes the best ive ever seen, on video or in person...either way nice work.

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