Check out all these pine needles!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Dan Gleesac, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. i had to take a picture of all these pine needles for the city....i spent a couple hours at work today raking all these up.......

    the rake is there for a size comparison.... that huge pile filled up 4 and a half of those big ass leaf bags....

  2. hahahahaha oh my god man.
    I've missed seeing your posts so much. Fucking pine needles!
  3. You should light them on fire.

    Pointless Carbon Emissions FTW!!

  4. i did actually light a little bit of it on fire to see if it would burn since pine needles generally just started to light up really fast so i poured my water on it......
  5. That aint shit son. All those pine needles would probably be 2 square feet of lawn up here in New Hampshire. On most of the side streets you drive down, both sides of the road will just be one long line of pine needles stacked 3 feet high from everybody on the street raking for pickup
  6. lol no shit that burns its dead dry.

    we used to landscape that sit,
    And we made efigys and stuffed them with it.
  7. What exactly is your job?
  8. i work for a general contractor...but i only work part time so he has me do basically the bitch work he doesnt want to to do aka mowing his and his neighbors lawn raking up pine know that sorta shit
  9. That's nothing. Come to upper Michigan.

    I'll take a picture of my yard when they fall.. its like a sea of orange.. its rediculous.


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