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  1. so i was bored today so i took a couple pictures of my new little setup i got going at the moment.

    it's a 3.5'x3.5'x7' grow tent (no name), i threw in a 1000w HPS with a big sun system air cooled hood, a 140CFM exhaust fan pulling air through the hood and out the top. a nice window fan hanging down for some good air circulation. and uhh, thats about it....

    OH YEAH, and it's filled with humboldt gold, trainwreck, shishkaberry, northern lights #5, MVTF, and mango.

    i also have some smaller plants in another room under a 250w MH. the list is : c-99, super silver haze, speed queen, white rhino, raspberry kush, and sour diesel.

    here's the tent, and my HPS ballast.


    the light with the 4" ducting up and out to the fan


    the nice window fan, and my canopy that i try to keep as even as possible by using the "super cropping" technique


    and my temps, the 77 is at the base of the plants, and the 78.8 is at the top of the grow tent, so it's pretty even through out the room.


    oh, oh, i just built an aero cloner as well! this is my first batch of clones in this cloner so my fingers are crossed!


    and i just wanted to show you guys/gals this super silver haze that a very generous friend of mine gave me. i just think it is a very beautiful plant, and pretty symmetrical.


    any ways thank you for checking out my set up, and all comments are welcome!

    have a good one!! :wave:
  2. Those are some nice looking plants man. That tent is also looking good, nice and clean/organized.:smoke:

    How many plants do you have under that 1000W?

  3. Very nice... I really like that set up and that silver haze... I think i need more friends like yours lol...

  4. 3 words mate...................."the dogs bollocks":)

    gonna get 1 of they tents 1 day, love em, just need to throw my son out then sorted:D

    seriously bud really nice set up plus great selection of weeds.

    your canopy is great ,you got your cropping down my friend.

    + rep bud. for nice looking grow & showing us.

    cheers, love a bit of porn:)

  5. thanks man, i appreciate the comments.

    i have 7 under the 1000w but i will soon only have 6 (gotta try to stay in my limit)

  6. thanks bro, hahaha yeah, i know a lot of medical people, and up here in oregon we don't have the medical clubs like cali. so we all trade clones and such between each other.

  7. thanks for the kind words man, this is my first time trying super cropping, but i feel pretty confident with it already.

    i'll try and update the growth pretty often, specially when some of them go into flowering.
  8. that set up is very nice seems like a pro has got his hands to work there:cool:excellent lookin plants too .......and motorheed ur tellin me ud chuck your own son out for a few plant??? lol :eek::p

  9. whoa whoa whoa, was i just called a pro? or did i misunderstand that?

    that just made my day!


    i wouldn't consider my self a pro by any means, i just do a lot of research, and have a bit of a green thumb.

    anyways thanks for stoppin' by man, i appreciate all visits and comments!
  10. Nice man, I especially like the genetic lineup. SSH is so sweet bro, I'm envious :D.

  11. thank you cali for the kind blessing. i am very glad i got ssh once again, i had it before but had to get rid of everything due to powdery mildew. and i worked very hard to find ssh again, because i have heard great things about it but have never had the pleasure of trying it out. have you grown ssh before?
  12. my goodness, had to take a deep breath u really stepped ur game up buddy good shit im markin this one lookin forward to see u prosper well on this 1! those tents r nice i may have to get one were did u get urs?
  13. No never grown it but love to smoke it, funny cause I just picked some up today. But I've been floating the idea of picking up some new strains but it depends on what they have at the time. Maybe some SSH. Sucks about the powdery mildew last time, I know it'll be a success this time :D. Nice man I'll check on your progress:).

  14. barry!!! good to see you in my neck of the woods man! thanks for the kind words bro i appreciate it. (and dude i just saw your grill, thats some crazy shit you gangsta ass. i am tryin to step my game up a bit, i might take on a patient to grow for as well, so in the near future ill have to step it up double what im doin now.

    the tent is very nice, it makes growing a bit easier, but honestly i wouldn't buy one. it would be way cheaper to build one. the one i have is my buddies tent, but he can't grow at the moment so he let me borrow it till i get my new and improved grow room set up, gonna be a 10' by 5' by 8 feet high room, separated into a 6' by 5' flower room and a 4' by 5' veg room!! i might even make it a bit bigger, i'm not too sure yet but i have an extra 1000w light for flower and an extra 250w light for veg when i take on my new patient, and a 740 cfm 8" eco plus fan to exhaust both rooms, it will be a lot of work, and money, but he's gonna help. so it should be fun!

  15. yeah powdery mildew sucks ass, it was all because i got a clone from someone and didn't check it out good enough. and it turned out it had PM. so this time around i am thoroughly investigating every clone i get, and i will also quarantine them for a week while treating them for everything before introducing them into my grow rooms.

    and about the SSH can you give any details about the smoke? i'm looking for some good pain relief? some of the better pain relieving strains i have tried have been more of an indica, lazy type high, which i don't like too much, i want a strain with a good head type energetic high, while still having decent pain relieving properties, cause i mainly smoke before work so i need to be awake and not tired and lazy. so what would you say i can expect from the great super silver haze?

    and i would also like to thank all of you for the great comments and support, i really appreciate it!!! so keep them coming!!!!!!!

    have a good one guys/gals :wave:
  16. pain relief AND head high, sounds like you should try a sativa/indica hybrid

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